Introducing… Mentor Up!


Happy New Year! We are beyond excited to introduce all readers, volunteers and mentors to our Mentor Up Blog!

You’re probably wondering who we are.. Great Question!

We’re young people anxious to give back and help those 50+ continue to thrive and succeed in our constantly evolving world!

Who comes to mind when you think of someone 50+?  A teacher? Parent? Grandparent? Neighbor? Pretty much those people who helped to shape our lives and believed in us when we were a kid – our mentors.

With the tough economy, staggering unemployment rates and technology growth, it is up to us to empower and enhance the voice and confidence of those before us, while building lifelong bonds. We have the skills, the smarts, and the savvy now to be a mentor to them.

Interested in being a “reverse mentor” and give back to them? THIS is what we like to call REVERSE MENTORING!

You can help someone 50+ simply by:

·         Becoming a Digital Coach! (check out our Get Involved tab for more info!)

·         Beefing up their resume! By adding to their achievements, they’re sure to get a job!

·         Exercise With Them! Help Them Eat Right! Make Sure They Continue to Enjoy Life!

Mentor Up is about connecting the generations and building relationships.  We believe, What You Know Is What They Need.

And who knows… maybe, in return you’ll come to realize that what they know, you need!

Like What You See?!

Join Us! Check out for more information!


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