Who Inspires You?!

January 7, 2014

Okay. Now before we get started, we’re going to explain how our “Who Inspires You” posts work. Throughout the month, we at Mentor Up express how those in our lives that are 50+ inspire us. In a few short words, you’re going to learn just how much we love our mentors!

This post is from Ayanna (Mentor Up Intern)..

“Hello All!

When thinking of who inspires me, I’m kinda stumped. There are so many to choose from! BUT, if I HAVE to choose, I would have to say my great grandmothers (Eva and Lois) and my grandmothers (Margaret and Mary), inspire me the most.


One word describes each of them: STRONG. These women have faced countless adversities which could hinder even the strongest man! From numerous health problems to tragic losses, they prove that nothing is too bad… and they handle themselves flawlessly 😉

On top of their strength, they’re also selfless. Each of them give like there are no limits. If you need it, just ask. Whether it’s food, money or even advice… They always know what to do and/or say.

I can only hope to be HALF as amazing…”


Are you moved?! You’re more than welcome to share who inspires you and why! Email us at info@mentorup.org OR like and message us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MentorUp


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