Wednesdays Are For Word Association!

We’re Celebrating Our First WAW (Word Association Wednesday)!

Good Morning Guys!

Today is our first Word Association Wednesday! What is that?! We’re glad you asked! We simply take a word and describe what it means to us! This applies to you also, readers! You can comment or email what you believe this word means to you!

The Word for Today Is: MENTOR!

Here’s what we think!

“Mentor, to me, is someone who gives relentlessly. They’re dependable. They’re good role models and they’re always helpful…especially with advice. They’re just awesome!” –Ayanna

“When I hear ‘Mentor’, I think of a coach, someone who’s able to give guidance and someone who’s patient” –Lina

“According to the dictionary, a mentor is either:

(n) “an experienced and trusted adviser” / “an experienced person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels new employees or students.”
(v) to “advise or train (someone, esp. a younger colleague).” 

I didn’t, however, need a dictionary to tell me this. To me, a mentor is someone I can trust and confide in. A mentor is someone not with just knowledge, but also wisdom. To me, a mentor is a veteran of life who has handled situations I am going through. The embodiment of a mentor should be venerated, aspiring, and reliable. These may seem like a lot of qualifications, but they ultimately amount to one key characteristic: a mentor is someone who helps me learn.” -Barrett


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