Join Us For #MLKDay

We all know that #MLKDay is seen as a holiday, not a service day. It’s CRAZINESS! Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day of service to those in your community. What will YOU being do on January 20, 2014?!

This is a CALL TO ACTION! What’s the plan? Simple. Take Monday to serve your mentors who are 50+

How? Here are some very simple ideas:

  • Spend at least an hour teaching them the ways of Technology Our grandparents are NOT tech savvy. This is where WE come in. Simply exercise patience and compassion while discussing Facebook, the Internet, computer information, Google and so much more! Grandparents LOVE learning things with their GRANDCHILDREN. Why? Because you’re awesome. It’s so rewarding giving back to them.
  • Host a Food Drive- There are plenty of older people in your community who are starving and cold this weekend. Try and team up with local grocery stores and host a food drive. Check out  for more info!
  • Get Them Hip to Technological Lingo and Activities- Selfie! Instagram! PicStitch! Facebook! Twitter! Hashtag! You name it. They know it. How awesome is it knowing your 50+ mentor knows how to take a Selfie AND understand what it means.
  • Join Us and DoSomething in our Love Letters Campaign- Spread some love to your mentors by creating and sending a card! Make their day! Wanna help? Sign up at

There’s so much more to help! Let’s make #MLKDay count! Let’s make our mentors’ day!

What’s on OUR agenda this weekend? Mentor Up is colliding with Generations United in hosting a “weekend of service and learning” for our newest Fellows and Grantees. It will definitely be a fun filled and educational weekend.

What’s included? We’ll be conducting information sessions on how to spread mentoring across the nation and it gives them a chance to see DC. Also, we’ll be serving the seniors at Sunrise Senior Living.

For more information on how to get involved where you are, watch the video above and visit Mentor Up site. Also, if you haven’t already

Good Luck with Serving on #MLKDay! Happy Mentoring!


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