Who Inspires Barrett?! Read and Find Out…

This week, our intern, Barrett shared who inspires him…

“When I was asked to write this week’s blog post, my mind began to race because no one immediately came into view. “GREAT,” I thought, “how can I not know who inspires me?” So to steer my writing I started to think, “what inspires me instead of whom?”

Being a broadcasting/film/television/production/blahblahblah major in school, I am an    “artsy” person by nature. And of course, I like to get deep into thought about things. So naturally, doing what I do best, I came up with the most esoteric philosophic answer, before realizing it would not be adequate for the job. I ran through some options but ended up reducing everything down to: life inspires me… However, to avoid the inevitable, “Um, thanks Barrett….” accompanied by an eye roll and slight muttering from my colleagues after turning in the post, I decide to stop being pompous and produce a tangible answer to the question.

I tried to think what makes me want to get up and do something. I had to think about what activates that initial spark of motivation to work on a new project. Many things can do this, but being involved with visual arts, I am mostly inspired by images and sounds. They stimulate my creativity. They make me wonder. They make me want to hone my talents to be able to make something worthy of remembrance. I am inspired by the feelings these things arouse. But behind each one of these “things” is something else. Something deeper. A piece of music is nothing without the musician, as is a painting without the painter or the film without the filmmaker. So that leaves me to conclude that the people behind these things are even more inspiring than the work itself.

“AH HA!” I have found my answer!

It is those who can construct these wonderful pieces of art that inspire me. Therefore, this question cannot be answered referring to one person. There is rather a type of person that inspires me. I am inspired to aspire to be like those who can create. To be like those who have vision. Those who can invent and entrepreneur. Those who can create something out of nothing. Those like the film director who can flawlessly transition the pictures in his imagination to the big screen. The author who can illustrate worlds and characters eloquently. The composer who can write a complex symphony for an orchestra. These people have the ability to captivate and hold hostage my mind. Lure me into worlds that do not exist and make me love or hate characters that are not real.

This also leads me to think, (and this will be the last time I will think on this post) “how do those people become inspired?” “Those who inspire me…who inspired them?” Who inspired Spielberg and Scorsese? Hemingway and Twain? Picasso and van Gogh? Although I haven’t asked them and don’t know anyone who has, I believe these questions can be answered by anyone, because that is the answer. What I mean by this and the point I want to make is, that everyone has the ability to inspire. Everyone has the ability to become what they want to be, and be an inspiration for others to look up to.

The next greats of out generation are found within our generation.

Who inspires you?”


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