Write Those Love Letters!!


How to Get Involved With the Love Letters Campaign

Hello! There’s nothing like sharing a little love, especially around the Valentine’s Day season! Unite with DoSomething, Mentor Up and Meals on Wheels for our Love Letters Campaign!

Here’s the skinny on Love Letters:

WHO: DoSomething, Mentor Up, Meals on Wheels and You
-Also, Nickelodeon star, Victoria Justice is pitching in ! Here’s her PSA:

WHAT: The Love Letters Campaign

  • Lasts from January 2nd until February 15th
  • It’s an opportunity to spread love to your mentors and make their day a little bit brighter

WHY: According to DoSomething.org…

  • A lack of social connections (which can be re-phrased as loneliness or isolation) is as comparable a risk factor for early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and is worse for individuals than other well-known risk factors such as obesity and physical inactivity.
  • An estimated 6 percent of people ages 65 and older in a given year, or approximately 2 million individuals in this age group, have a diagnosable depressive illness.
  • The rate of depression rises when in home healthcare or hospitalization is required. Depression rates rise to 13.5% in those who require home healthcare and to 11.5% in older hospital patients.
  • 1 in 6 seniors don’t know where their next meal will come from. That’s why they have Meals on Wheels!

HOW: Interested? You can check out http://www.dosomething.org/loveletters and/or look at the directions below.

  1. Sign up on DoSomething’s site. Then, design/create a card for a mentor
  2. Be sure to wish them a happy Valentine’s Day
  3. Include at least 3 facts about yourself such as, Your Name, The State you live in and Dream Job
  4. Use the “Find Your Location to locate the nearest Meals on Wheels spot
  5. Send! Be sure to upload a picture of you and your card at DoSomething’s site.

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