Define “Service”. It’s Word Association Wednesday!

It’s That Time Again… It’s Word Association Wednesday!!

This week’s word is very near and dear to Mentor Up: Service…

NOW… Instead of just the Mentor Up team defining it, we got some of our readers to tell us what “service” means to them! You’ll find that the word “service” has similar meanings, no matter what age!

“For me, service is giving time and energy to impact someone else”- Ayanna, 22

“Service is the act of helping others, striving to make someone’s life a little easier. To put others before yourself”- Shauneille, 40

“Humbling yourself for the purpose of attending to the needs of others”- Rashida, 37

“Service: helping others in some shape way or form”- Yvonne, 21

“Service is just doing great work and making a difference for someone”- Tyler, 15

“Service, simply put is awesome. Just do it. You’ll feel better”- Jordan, 47

“Service to me means helping someone without expecting anything in return”- Lina, 22

“Service is brightening someone’s day by doing something pleasant”- Eric, 17

What does “Service” mean to you?!?!


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