Today is not your typical Friday…

Today? It’s important because it’s our first TGIF Post! Not just, “Thank God, It’s Friday”… BUT, “Thinking of Grandparents is Fun”!

This is the time to think and repay those who came before us for any and everything that they’ve done.

So… The topic of discussion is simple…


Simple enough, yes? However, this topic can be very broad. We took the liberty of organizing 4 ideas like so… You got your “Simple Ideas” and your “Ideas That Take A Little More Thought”…


  1. A Phone Call: Here’s a secret, THEY LOVE YOUR VOICE! Plus, they constantly worry… Put their minds at ease, while making them smile just by picking up the phone!
  2. A Random Visit: Just…Go…See…Them! And do it at a time OTHER than the holidays. Show your face! Also, while you’re there, put the phone down and just talk to them, especially about their past. You’ll be surprised at the juice you get…


  1. Write About Them: for all the writers out there, this is your chance to flex your journalistic muscles! You ask, they tell. That’s the easy part. I wrote a report on my great grandmother for school one year and she gave more than enough material to use. You find out so much that you’d probably never guess and you’ll have priceless memories.
  2. Create Your Family Tree: Now here’s an idea! You can either ask your grandparents questions about the traces of your family line, such as “Where were you originally from?” “Do we still have family there?” “Where else can I trace our blood line”, OR search with My Heritage site. After that, frame it and give it to them! Perfect gift for the perfect person:)

What ideas will YOU come up with when thinking of your grandparents?! HAPPY TGIF!


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