Inspiration comes from a lot of things… Check out who inspires our Mentor Up Fellow, Tanner!!!

Growing up, I always found inspiration from my Grandmother. She was a sharp woman who kept her mind active by solving the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper. She was spontaneous, funny, sassy, and she would be the first to tell you she didn’t take any attitude. When I was kid, whenever my mother was having difficulties with me, a conversation with my Grandmother would soon set me straight. The conversations always ended with a “Yes Ma’am” from me, followed by an immediately apology to my mother. Those reprimands and lessons I used to dread as a child, I now look back on with a certain fondness.

Why my Grandmother inspired me is because she was simple, yet passionate and wise. Her honesty and straight-forward advice still resonates with me today. She was her friends and family’s biggest cheerleader, and was the first to demonstrate that you could do anything you set your mind to. Her age was nothing but a number to her, and she continued to learn and grow as a person until the day she passed. One of my favorite memories I have was walking her step-by-step over the phone to setup a Facebook page so she could play “Words With Friends” online. She was 83 at time. We lost her to cancer a year ago and although she’s gone, she’ll never be forgotten. Her wisdom and inspiration lives on through her children and

-by Tanner Jones, Mentor Up Fellow


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