We all want to love and to be loved… Unconditionally… Check out our word for Word Association Wednesday :)

“Love… What is Love? Love is to love someone for who they are, who they were, and who they will be”. – Chris Moore

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this week’s Word for Word Association Wednesday is more like a phrase…kinda… the word/phrase? Unconditional Love

“Unconditional love simply means love without condition and WITH self-sacrifice. Meaning because of, in spite of, when you want to, when you don’t want to, when they deserve it, when they don’t…in other words, there is no condition that would cause you to treat a person in anything other than a loving, caring, giving, helping, self-sacrificing way.”-Rashida

“Caring, pleasing, feeling without limitation; Endless satisfaction regardless of circumstances; Unwavering devotion in spite of.”-Marisa

“It’s easy to love me because of. Unconditional love is loving me in SPITE of. You better love me when I’m treating you right…love me even when I have an attitude and I might not be so nice”-LaShanya

“Sometimes sacrificing your own emotions to love them. 1 Corinthians 13; There’s literally no better definition”-Amina

“Emotion that cannot be described in words”-Celina

“The true definition of what love is and should be ….No boundaries, limitless, sacrificing, inspiring, selfless …. When I’m good, bad and indifferent …loving me in spite of me”-Shauneille

“Unconditional love is always seen in an elderly couple”-Indya

“Unconditional love is doing for a person any and everything that is in the best interest of that person. Each move and decision that you make is for their well-being and for their good, emotionally, physically, mentally, and even social. It is doing it if you want to or not, if they want you to or not, if they don’t like it, if you don’t feel like it, regardless of how you feel or how they feel. It is also making a decision to love regardless of how it is returned or received”-Yahrasiel

“Unconditional love is loving someone with no conditions–loving them good, bad, right or wrong. Loving them when it feels good to and also loving them when it doesn’t. Unconditional love is loving someone through the trials and tribulations along with loving them through the sunshine”-Diamond

“How do you show unconditional love and forgiveness to one who has treated you in an unthinkable and unforgivable way, I mean “committed crimes” against you!? Find the answer to that and you’ll know what unconditional love is. It’s beyond the scope of our natural understanding. It’s unbelievable, a true miracle! Remember the first time God showed you unconditional love, how you were astounded and all the walls just came down and you melted in his acceptance and love? For us, God says to “aim” to be like him, perfect as he is perfect; only through Jesus!”-Beth

“No length of where one may go for someone else”-Steven

“Unconditional love is when you love another person no matter what. You would give your life for that person if need be. You want the absolute best for that person always”-William

“It’s loving someone flaws and all… No matter what… Without conditions”-Yvonne

“Unconditional love is completely independent of the other person. It’s without any strings attached. It’s selflessness”-Karlyssa

“It’s someone that will love you when you’re at your best and worst. Someone who loves your past, present and future. Someone who loves your every flaw”-Darnise

“It’s endless love. Even things are bad or over, you still want the best for them. It’s making selfless decisions. Also, knowing when to let go and not being afraid to see them with other people. You just want them to be happy”-Meghan

It has countless definitions and is expressed in numerous ways… So, who’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong? I polled some friends and family to see what they thought and I got several answers… Some different… Some the same… Either way… It’s all love over here 🙂

“For me… Unconditional love is complicated and simple. It’s seeing them for who they are, understanding who they were, and encouraging them to be who they will be. It’s seeing potential and insecurities and bad habits and ambitions. It’s a two way street. It’s being selfless and listening and being fair. It’s being able to say, “We tried. And although we couldn’t make it, I still want you to do great. You’ll find the one who deserves you and I pray that you do”. It’s about inspiring and being inspired. Giving and receiving, unceasingly. It’s just seeing them. It makes me think of God… my parents… my grandparents… my family… my friends… my boyfriend… my pastor… It has no limit.”-Ayanna

This Valentine’s Day and everyday after… I challenge you to figure out what Unconditional Love means to you… Spread it… Especially to those 50+:)


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