“Yeah, she’s my great aunt, but I call her Mamaw and today’s her birthday…”

It’s another TGIF, Thinking of Grandparents Is Fun! I wanted this week’s post to be more personal, simply because there’s a special woman to me and she has a birthday coming up. Birthdays are very special to me and my family, especially when you’ve reached 50+. We always make sure that we cherish these small moments, because at some point in time, we may not have them anymore.

Mable Glaspie and all of her grandchildren (we're missing a few now). That's me in the white lacy dress:)

Mable Glaspie and all of her grandchildren (we’re missing a few now). That’s me in the white lacy dress:)

It’s amazing…

Tomorrow is my great aunt’s 78th birthday… Mable, better known as Mamaw, is probably the sweetest woman you’d ever meet.

She’s wise too. I notice that anytime I feel down, she knows exactly what to say to bring me back up again. For example, when I found out I wasn’t graduating on time she was the first person to say, “You know what? It doesn’t matter. You’re gonna graduate when you’re supposed to and I’ll be there in the front row with bells on”, then she chuckled like she always does… That’s when I knew, everything was gonna be alright.

She’s the reason why I love peanut butter. Every day I would go to her house and she would make me and my cousins peanut butter crackers. I still eat peanut crackers to this day…and it wasn’t the typical crackers you buy in a pack. She would use Nabisco’s Honey Maid graham crackers with JIF peanut butter. It ain’t right if it ain’t JIF!

Don’t mistake her kindness for weakness, because she will get you together real quick! If something’s not to her liking, she has no problem saying so. Now, that I think about it…I wouldn’t mind being more like her. Sweet, dependable, sassy when need be… She’s probably one of the most well rounded women I know.

As a kid, I never felt like I wasn’t one of the grandkids. Yeah, she’s my great aunt, but I call her Mamaw. All my other cousins did because she’s their grandmother, so of course I did too. It wasn’t until I reached 4th grade that I realized, she’s not my grandmother. BUT, that didn’t stop me from calling her Mamaw.

I’m going on 23… and guess what… She’s still my Mamaw!

Not too many people can say they have family that reaches the age of 78. She’s not old. She’s seasoned and STILL kickin’!

I’ve missed a lot of birthdays being in DC for school. But, I always make sure to phone home to Johnson City, Tennessee for her birthday.

Mamaw, if you’re reading this, I’m proud that you’re the head of my family. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to learn from… You inspire so many people and we’re forever grateful for the things you’ve done and the things you’re doing for us.

I love you and Happy Birthday lady:)

If any of you have a relative with a birthday coming up, be sure to at least call or even spend time with them. I’m framing this post and sending to my Mamaw for her birthday because thinking of grandparents is fun! What can do you to show an older adult their special?


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