“Family is everything…BUT no one will ever mean more to me then my grandmother”. See Mentor Up Fellow, Catherine Lambert is inspired by her grandmother.

“Who inspires you 50+?” Hmm.. that’s a hard question to answer.

There are so many people 50+ who impact my life every day. Family is everything, and they mean the world to me…BUT no one will ever mean more to me then my grandmother.

Mentor Up Fellow, Catherine Lambert and grandmother

Mentor Up Fellow, Catherine Lambert and grandmother

She’s like no other.

I don’t think I will ever meet another person like her. She acts like my mother, sister, best friend, and worst enemy all in one, and I wouldn’t change a thing about her. Anything and everything my grandmother does is for the good of her three children and six grandchildren. She strives everyday to be a better person, and frankly she achieves that.

She didn’t have a lot growing up. Being the child of Irish immigrants didn’t give her all the luxuries my sister and I enjoy today.

But that didn’t stop her.

She wanted to make a better life for herself and one day, for her children.

So what did she do?

She worked her butt off and graduated high school and college. Then, going the extra mile, she got her Master’s Degree in Arts and Education. She did that all on her own and truly was a woman ahead of her time.

When I lived in Florida, she was a ten-minute car drive away. Going to her house weekly after school was my favorite part of the day. Always with a hug ready and a glass of juice, she helped me with my homework, and well I guess with life in general. At 6 years old, I didn’t have a lot of life issues, but her gentle and kind words will stick with me forever.

Now that I live in Maryland, we only communicate mostly by phone. Now, at 16, I use her advice every day. And I truly believe that my her words on friends, education, and good morals, have made me the confident individual I believe I am today.

I once asked her what was it like being a grandmother and these were the exact words that she said to me (I actually wrote them down as she was talking on the phone, because I knew it was going to be a good answer!), “I love my job. My purpose is to teach and demonstrate to you what is possible to achieve in life, to show you the cans and cannots. To love you in a way that only you and I can understand, and to always have your back, even when I am no longer here.”



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