“I pay the cost to be the boss. Don’t like my apples? Then don’t shake my Tree!”

This woman…yeah she needs NO introduction…

Why is my grandmother just…everything? All of my grandmothers have pearls of wisdoms that they’ve given me…but that quote…Mary said that to me my freshman year of college when I was doing the typical “crying about a boy who wasn’t about anything”… but THAT quote has gotten me through so much…

BUT back to the subject…

Remember the post about my mamaw? Well her sister…my actual grandmother…has a birthday today! She’s 68…yes they’re 10 years apart and thick as thieves…

It amazes me… I’m so much like this woman… It’s almost scary… I have a temper like her, my attitude comes from her… and I look a lot like she did at my age…

I talk to her once a week it seems like…

Why am I writing about her on her birthday? To pay homage. She prays with and for me constantly…she’s always supportive and though she says things that I may not want to hear, it’s always valid and needed at some point in my life.

I’m not quite sure where I would be without her love and sass. I’ve been called a firecracker on occasion…well…I get it from her.

She participated in all my “Grandparents Day” events in elementary school…attended most of my band and chorus concerts, which she always yelled, “Go Pootie!” and that would ring all through the room. I spent most of my summers with her as a kid and she had a specific chair in her house…that was mine…it pretty much had my name on it… I always sat on her left knee, even after she had knee surgery which probably makes me a terrible granddaughter but she never complained.

Oh and…when I had to pay to go to California with the Science Hill High School Band, she organized a fish fry and we made over $500…how…awesome…is she?!

I tell her a lot that I’m her favorite and she’ll never admit it…it’s okay though 😉

Granny/Grandmother, I can honestly say that although you can drive me up the wall…I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help.. I’m forever thankful for your wisdom and love and prayers…there’s no greater gift than what you’ve given me..

I Love You and enjoy your beautiful birthday!


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