“All and all, this much is true… You have me and I have you”-Nikki Giovanni.. TGIF!

“Rain has drops/ Sun has shine/ Moon has beams/ That make you mine/ Rivers have banks/ Sands for shores/ Hearts have heartbeats/ That make me yours

Needles have eyes, Though pins may prick/ Elmer has glue, To make things stick/ Winter has Spring/ Stockings feet/ Pepper has mint, To make it sweet/ Teachers have lessons, Soup du jour/ Lawyers sue bad folks/ Doctors cure

All and all/ This much is true/ You have me/ And I have you”

“And I Have You” by Nikki Giovanni

My great grandmother was released from the hospital earlier this week… I couldn’t describe how I felt… I’m not sure if it was relief…or what…. But for me, this was the first time I wasn’t sure what her outcome would be… She’s made it to 93… Not too many people can say they have met their great grandparents, let alone have them throughout most of their life… I can. I’ve always bragged about that in school and to my peers… Why? It made me different. Often times, I received reactions such as, “No Way! You still have great grandparents?!”… It’s amazing really. Both my great grandfathers have passed on…but I still have my great grandmothers… And though I don’t call or visit nearly as much as I should…they’re still mine. Mine. They belong to me. And I am theirs.

Today, take time to reflect on who belongs to you…ESPECIALLY your parents and grandparents…Not everyone is lucky enough to have those people in their lives.. Think about that.

“All and all/ This much is true/ You have me/ And I have you”


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