Summing up, Take Your Kid to Work Day, with Andrew Hylton!

Friday, April 25, AARP DC and Mentor Up teamed together for the Take Your Kids to Work Day.

Ranging in age from 12 to 17, a group of teens assisted older adults in the ways of technology. Participants included high school students from Crossland, Sherwood, Largo and many more.

The two generations spent a couple of hours discussing how to produce and send emails, creating PDF files and setting up social media accounts.

Although most of the older adults were skeptical about social media, they were open-minded in receiving information. Overall, creating emails and setting up permanent email accounts were the topic of discussion.

When asked how the event went, there were only positive comments. The students were also very engaged and enjoyed spending time with the older adults. Most of them were surprised at how much fun they had. They even said they would do it again and share with friends.

It’s events like this, that make me realize even more, just how much I love my job…These kids were awesome, as were the older adults!

Check out how one of the students, Andrew Hylton, felt after his experience:

Photo Courtesy of AARP DC

Photo Courtesy of AARP DC

My Experience with Older Adults: Prior to becoming involved in Mentor Up my only experience with older adults came from teaching my grandparents about technology.

What I learned: I learned that it is very important for older adults to know about technology. I also learned that it is very important to pass on what knowledge you have in a certain area to someone else.

Would you do it again and why? I would definitely do this again. I enjoy helping others and sharing my knowledge with others.
Would I spread this news to my friends: I would definitely spread this news to my friends. I believe that this is an excellent program.

On a scale of (1-10) what would u rate this experience : I would rate this program a 10 out of 10 .


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