In honor of Older American’s Month…Here’s a small collection of reflections about their impact on us :)

Throughout my time with Mentor Up, I learned a lot more about the generation ahead of me… well, my grandparents’ generation. I never thought that I could love and admire them as much as I did before…but…I was wrong… However, not only was I wrong, a lot of people from my generation were wrong too…

So, in honor of older American’s month…Here’s a small collection of reflections about their impact on us. The reflections are from those who participated in different events with Mentor Up and they range from ages 14-30 🙂 Enjoy!

“My experience with the older adults was eye-opening to say the least, because as I was working with them I kept thinking about how eager and excited they were to do things that teenagers and young adults don’t really put a lot of thought into, like texting, checking an email or just searching for a website. This made me realize how much they need us for certain things, just as much as we need them for certain things. Without a doubt I would do this again because of the satisfaction the older adults received just from texting or the internet. I would definitely tell my friends about this experience and program because of how much I got to help and learn from it. I would rate my experience a 10 out of 10”- Isaiah George,  Bring Your Kids to Work Day

“I learned that it doesn’t matter that we’re young, we can still make a change. Leadership starts with the individual. I also learned to put myself in older Americans’ shoes. It made me think about my family and how hard it must be for them to keep up. I expected to just be lectured during this, but we all contributed and that was really cool. Older Americans are pretty cool too”- Vanessa Portillo, MLK Weekend of Service

“Prior to becoming involved in Mentor Up, my only experience with older adults came from teaching my grandparents about technology. I learned that it is very important for older adults to know about technology and it is very important to pass on what knowledge you have in a certain area to someone else. I would definitely do this again. I enjoy helping others and sharing my knowledge with others. I would definitely spread this news to my friends. I believe that this is an excellent program. I would rate this program a 10 out of 10”-Andrew Hylton, Bring Your Kids to Work Day

“Because of this weekend, I want to focus more on youth and seniors. Mentor Up is doing powerful stuff and I liked being informed on older Americans. This was a matter of personal growth and I learned to have patience with my elders. They really are an amazing group of people”- Jahlani Jackson, MLK Weekend of Service

“I’ve always had a passion for helping people and it makes me emotional. I can learn so much from older Americans and I hope our generations connect more. You’re impacting someone’s life and it helps you grow and feel better about yourself. That’s why I work with older Americans. They do that for me”-Ariel Smith, MLK Weekend of Service

“I’d have to say a 10! Before I got involved with this… I was writing with magazines like People, Jane… but I didn’t feel passionate about anything until I volunteered with Dorot and that’s where I met Arthur… I became excited about it… it’s like it was supposed to be my life’s work. So… I blog for AARP and I have my Arthur and Bernie blog… It’s very fulfilling… You have to have Passion, for sure! You definitely have to have respect for all ages… One of my pet peeves is hearing when older adults are called “cute” because they’re not small and it kinda implies that they’re dainty and frail and that’s not who they are at all… Uh you have to be able to put yourself in their shoes… You have to have drive… You MUST know that there’s a bigger goal in mind”-Laura Hahn, Intergenerational Activist


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