Mentoring Without Realizing

My name is Helen Amanuel and I am a new intern to the Mentor Up team. The activities Mentor Up participates in and leads are things that I and so many others do on an everyday, weekly, or even monthly basis without even realizing it. Before I was officially part of the Mentor Up team I didn’t realize that I was already a mentor to family members and others close to me. I was sharing with them the ways of smart phones, Facebook, or just other knowledge that I know and they did not. Mentor Up has just made me that more excited to share my knowledge; not just toward my family, but expanding to my community!


When my grandmother retired from her nursing job, my uncle thought it would be a good idea to get her away from her old flip phone. He gave her a brand new iPhone that she unfortunately had no idea how to use. I took it upon myself to spend time helping her use the new technology. I showed her how to take pictures, text, facetime, and even how to add apps! Now I’ll see her taking selfies at family gathering without a problem, or even sending me cute (fairly long) text messages asking how I’ve been!  It not only helped her increase her technological knowledge and connect better with her family but I got to spend some much needed time with her.

Mentor Up’s creed is “What You Know is What They Need.” So why not give back to those that have helped us our entire lives and shaped the world we live in now?



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