“Bridging Communities” in Detroit

I came across an inspiring story of youth in Detroit stepping up to help the elderly. Although this act of kindness happened almost a year ago, it holds just as much emotional potency as before.

In a Detroit community, an elderly woman reached out to Bridging Communities- a nonprofit collaboration of local unions, residents and businesses- needing help with her taxes, and in fear that she would lose her home. Her house was literally covered in ivy and she had no way of removing it! To make matters worse, the city sent her a letter stating that her house would be demolished.


Home prior to clean up effort.

Youth volunteers immediately took action by helping remove the ivy and overgrowth from the home. Neighbors praised the young volunteers for helping the community feel and look more appealing. However, the most rewarding moment for the group was knowing that the senior resident would now be able to live in her home without fear of losing it.


“Bridging Communities” volunteers

I applaud these volunteers! Actions like this prove that younger people can help with more than just technology. This is what Mentor Up is all about!

Check out the full story here.


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