It’s Theo’s last day with Mentor Up! We can’t believe the time has gone by so quick!

Here’s what he thought about his time with us:

“I cannot believe my internship is over! 

It feels like it was yesterday when I was asked to write a post introducing myself and describing what Mentor Up meant to me.

Now I am writing my final post before heading back to college ☹

The typical “intern experience” thought by many people is being the coffee guy/girl; one who only prints and copies random documents; a person who does the things other employees just don’t feel like doing…

My experience was the complete opposite!

Theo's pic

Barrett (right) and Theo (left). MOS filming at UMD

I was able to work on meaningful projects and events with the most AMAZING group of people… And I’m talking about the Mentor Up team of course!

What inspired me the most during my time with Mentor Up was realizing just how many older adults were considered “struggling” in today’s world- whether it’s through hunger or technology. I’m talking about MILLIONS!!!

That’s what motivated me this summer!

I earned an internship that not only gave me workplace experience, but one where I was also able to impact the lives of many those struggling Americans. I believe I was able to make the lives of older adults better. I was able to put smiles on many faces.

My experience with Mentor Up was truly memorable, and I hope to share what I’ve learned with my friends and family!”


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