Tech Workshop at Mentor Up Headquarters

On July 31st Mentor Up held two technology workshops at AARP’s National Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Youth volunteers helped older adults learn the necessary skills to use today’s latest technology.

Seniors participated in a computer lab workshop to learn how to use desktop applications and other computer skills.

There was also an opportunity for the seniors to bring in their own devices to learn more about the tech in general, and how to operate applications.

Older adults like Earlene Jenkins showed superb progress in enhancing her knowledge of the computer, and expressed her appreciation to the youth-volunteers from Campfire USA.


“Both of the men were very knowledgeable and very accepting of where my knowledge base was. They found out my knowledge base and then taught and it improved from there.” –Earlene Jenkins

 The older adults weren’t the only ones who enjoyed themselves. Even the youth-volunteers expressed their excitement!

Check out what they had to say about teaching these skills:


“Mentor Up showed me that through teaching others, I can learn too.” –Will McAvoy

“It was fun and I felt like I actually helped.” – Victor Tamba


“It feels good to inform senior citizens to the new technology.” –Jasmine George


“Mentor Up has been a great experience for me. It is great to see the members growing their technology skills for machines in this generation.” –Jane McAvoy

Mentor Up at its finest!

Thanks again to our awesome volunteers!!!


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