Another Farewell ☹

First Theo, NOW HELEN! We’re losing all of our interns!

We knew this was inevitable; but regardless, we are still sad 😦

Here’s what Helen thought of her summer with Mentor Up:

“My first internship EVER has unfortunately come to a close. Being new to the whole intern experience I didn’t know what I would gain from this; I just knew the first day I stepped foot in the AARP building I was as nervous as anyone could be. This opportunity definitely opened my eyes to more of the working world and what it might be like after college.

As an intern I didn’t just shadow someone all day, listening and observing; I was asked about what I thought, what kind of ideas I had and how things could be improved. I was allowed to think. It appeared my opinions actually mattered. I felt that I made an impact on not only people aged 50+, but also with youth. Through tech. workshops, I have seen youth mentors not only helping people 50+ but also learning from them, laughing with them and just connecting with them on a more personal level.


Theo (left), Helen (middle) and Barrett (right)

Not only did I gain experience, but also I gained more knowledge, skill, and most importantly connections that will last even after I graduate college! It has truly been an amazing experience and I am sad to go!

Thank you Mentor Up for the fabulous opportunity to learn and work with some great people.

But now it’s goodbye and back to school! WAHOOWA!”





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