A Summer of Mentoring

Summer is coming to a close.

Unfortunately, this farewell of summer also means the farewell of many wonderful Mentors. Yes, this makes us sad; but it also allows us to reflect on the real difference Mentor Up makes.

And we get the info straight from the source!

Taryn Mitchell is one of our Mentors in Cleveland. Her experience is a testimony of Mentor Up’s influence. Although brief, her time with Mentor Up really resonated!

“My name is Taryn Mitchell. I have been working with Mentor Up at the Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center at University Settlement for about 5 months. It doesn’t seem that long, but in that short period of time I have experienced a lot. I’ve had the chance to work with Baby Boomers and even Millennials. 

Taryn Mitchell_ Wade Oval Wednesday_Marketing

By joining the Mentor Up team I have learned that a lot of people in the older generation (Baby Boomers), are very isolated from technology. Dealing with the Millennials, I notice that technology can be described as our life. This is the difference between our generations. I deal with technology all the way from my iPhone to my T.V.; by working with Mentor Up I now understand that technology is so much more than what I knew.

So at the end of this experience, by teaching Baby Boomers about the life we live with technology, I’ve learned things myself. I have developed many skills that I can now take with me on my college adventure. I am now more familiar with working with Microsoft Office, marketing, working with seniors and also providing instruction. This experience has been fun and very beneficial to me. I wish all of my fellow mentors success, and to continue teaching the world about how great technology is!”

We realize that our last few posts have all had a similar theme…

Well okay, exactly the same theme. But they are just so heartwarming! Like many things in life, you gain a deeper level of appreciation and gratitude in the retrospect.

That said, we want to thank all of our Mentors who volunteered this summer and we hope to see you all again soon!


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