How To Live Forever

How long do you think you’ll live for?

Until 70?



How about 100?

Kind of a morbid question, huh? How can anyone know?

It seems like there is always a ready supply of tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and live longer. Fad diets. New vitamins and supplements. Better ways to stay fit. The list could go on forever. Some of the new techniques may work, but others are as promptly retracted and replaced as quickly as they come about.

So how do we determine what works and what doesn’t? How do we live longer!? What’s the secret?!

Dumb luck?


Is there really a formula to do this thing right?

As of recently, there may be.

A groundbreaking study called “90+” is looking to answer why some people are living longer than others. CBS’s 60 Minutes put together an amazing segment called “Living To 90 And Beyond,” featuring the findings from “90+” – which is tracking the health habits and lifestyle choices of thousands of people since 1981 – as well as profiling some of the study’s participants.

The findings of this study are undoubtedly producing valuable information that will benefit our society. However, what’s even more interesting than the research is the people that are participating.

People like 96 year-old Ruthy Stahl, who is probably more active than you, describes life before refrigerators. People like Jane Whistler, who has watched the evolution of our society over the past 100 years. People like Ted Rosenbaum who went face-to-face with Joseph McCarthy and had to testify at the McCarthy Hearings. And these are only a few examples of the kind of people spotlighted in this story. People who are living testimonies of our history and have a wealth of knowledge to pass on.

It is definitely worth the time to take a look at the story.

“Living To 90 And Beyond” (Part One) –

Interviews with the participants –


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