San Diego!!!

Last week Mentor Up was in San Diego as part of AARP’s Ideas@50+ National Member Event. If you remember our trip to Boston, this was very similar!

 We know that not everyone was able to make it to this event, but that’s okay! Lina had enough fun for everyone that couldn’t make it!

Here’s what she has to say about it:

“I was not only impressed that our volunteers wanted to spend their free time working with older adults, but also that they wanted to be inside … um HELLO! It’s San Diego! Beautiful. Sunny. Refreshing beaches.

The shear fact that these young people showed up is why they receive my admiration (because those beaches sound a little too tempting to me)!

 I am always amazed when I see the younger and older adults interacting successfully. Both age groups demonstrated high levels of patience and tolerance when working together.


Mentor Up Youth and AARP members at the TEK Pavilion

This is not only good news for Mentor Up; it’s good news for me!

Being a vulture volunteer supervisor, hovering over the students to make sure everything is going well, is no fun for anyone.

 That said, being able to step back and watch all of the hard work and planning come to fruition is the best part of my job. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the students and the AARP members is why we work diligently to make these experiences happen. 


Millennia Is Back!

This is my third time as a Mentor Up volunteer coordinator at an AARP Member Event, and once again, I received nothing but praises about what a tremendous help the students were! So to echo the praise – THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to all of the student volunteers from San Diego!!! 🙂


Lina and the Mentor Up student volunteers

Seeing Mentor Up in action makes it all worth it, and it wouldn’t be possible without you!


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