Mentoring At The Movies

On September 17th AARP Colorado hosted a two-part event: a premier of the Cyber Seniors documentary, followed by a Mentor Up technology session after the screening. The day was filled with laughter, bonding and new appreciation of the older and younger generations.

Senior Program Specialist Cathy Lasnik of AARP Colorado was there to record all the happenings!

“The event had a large turn out, hosting 130 older adults in the new media facility at the Fort Collins Senior Center. After the documentary, 120 seniors decided to stay for the technology session .

MENTORUP81714-0020 - Copy

We collaborated with Colorado State University to provide 25 student volunteers as mentors.

One-by-one, students worked with the seniors until all 120 had an individual Mentoring session. This surprisingly worked out well! Everyone happily mingled while waiting until it was his or her turn.

MENTORUP81714-0161 - Copy

The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Both older adults and students enjoyed the time with each other. The event was so successful we even got press coverage by CTV11, Rocky Mountain Collegian and the Colorado News Connection!”

Here are some comments we hard from the seniors:

“This is so great.  My kids don’t have the patience to sit down with me and help me understand this stuff. To have someone take the time and help you is so wonderful.”

I feel like I have had a ton of stress removed because now I know how to work this thing.”

 “I have had this FitBit for 3 months.  I have tried asking lots of people for help with it.  I have taken it to several places to get help.  No one was able to show my how to work it or get it setup.  My Mentor did that for me today in 20 minutes!!

MENTORUP81714-0039 - Copy 

Here was some volunteers said about their experience:

“I asked each person I worked with at the end of our time if they had any advice for me.  I got some great advice on living life and making the most of my life.”

 “That was so much fun! I have a new appreciation for older people.”

 “I’m going to go home and call my grandma and help her.”

 MENTORUP81714-0030 - Copy

 “The comments speak for themselves.

All who were involved asked us to please do this again.”


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