AARP DC Round Two!

Mentor Up and AARP DC are back at it!

Because our first tech workshop was so successful, we decided to hold another.

Just like last time, youth volunteers and older adults convened at Mentor Up headquarters in Washington, DC, for a little one-on-one technology training.

AARP DC volunteer Rocci Fisch has the whole story here! Check it out.

Here’s a little snippet of it:

“Recently for AARP DC there was a volunteer reversal. Youth volunteers from Mentor Up taught older adults the basics on how to use and navigate the Internet using desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Older District residents also learned how to use Microsoft Office applications, establish an email account, use search engines, take pictures using a smartphone and send email with attachments. A few even dabbled with social media and how to find their favorite radio or TV station online.

The one-on-one instruction session for the older learners was admittedly more helpful than reading a how-to guide to gain knowledge of modern technology and use it in their everyday lives.


Sylvia Ross learns how to manage online searches

 ‘I used to be the teacher, now I’m the student,” said retired educator Sylvia Ross, a member of the National Retired Educators Association (NREA). “I don’t like not knowing what’s going on, so I wanted to take this training.'”

(Finish the story here!)


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