Angel’s Farewell Address

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Mentor Up would be nothing without our amazing youth volunteers! You all are the heartbeat of the Mentor Up movement. That said, we always like giving a shutout to those making a difference.

Angel Rodriguez is one of those people.

 Wade Oval Wednesday_Angel

He was part of Mentor Up in Cleveland this past summer. Angel enjoyed it so much that he gave a speech at a community event this month to talk about his experience!

Angel has had a propensity for service work since he was young. He has been working with University Settlement in Cleveland, a community center that provides social services, for the past five years.

He joined when we was only 13 years old, and is now 18. He has enjoyed “every minute, every second, and everyday of it.” For Angel, The Settlement has helped him become the young man he is today.

 In Cleveland, Mentor Up narrowed in on reducing the impact of isolation on the Baby Boomer & silent Generation populations through the innovative use of technology.

In his speech, Angel talked about how he was able to transition what he gained from University Settlement, over to Mentor Up.

Angel_Music Therapy

Angel (left) holding a Mentor Up sign

“As a Digital Mentor I have had fun teaching and learning different kinds of technology. I did everything from: setting up an email account; to teaching how to use YouTube; to helping start a home based business. I enjoyed using these skills to lead game shows, and interact with people of all ages in the community.

“In my time with Mentor Up I have learned more about technology than I ever could dream of. It has been a great adventure and a wonderful experience. I wish I could do this all over again.” 

Thank-you Angel for your summer of service!


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